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Summer Clean-Up: How to Make Money from Your Seasonal-Cleaning Discards
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Summer Clean-Up: How to Make Money from Your Seasonal-Cleaning Discards

Kristen Bateman


The start of the warm weather months just beg for a good house cleaning. But rather than toss your unwanted items in the trash, you can try converting them into cash. Here are some tips to monetize your stuff and help it find a second home:


Rethink Your Wardrobe

As you go through your closet and pull out your warm-weather clothing, set aside some of the items you rarely wear or no longer like. Instead of stuffing them into the back of the closet, use a service like The Real Real (for lightly used designer clothing, shoes, jewelry, furniture and home items) or ThredUp (for contemporary and mainstream brands) to make a little extra cash.


Both websites function as virtual consignment shops—The Real Real will even pick up items at your home (in select cities), while ThredUp accepts items by mail. But you don't have to do anything else—the sites take the photos, price the pieces and ship them.



Curate Your Bookshelf

If you're a bookworm (or even if you have text books left over from college), go through the stacks and get rid of anything you haven't touched in the last couple of months. Amazon makes it easy to sell books online for quick money, but you can also take them to a local bookstore that accepts used books for cash or store credit—the latter could help defray the cost of a new book or pay for a gift book.



Purge Your Furniture, Home Objects

When it comes to getting cash for the bigger items in your home, it's better to think local. If you live in a place with a strong sense of community, you might want to go the yard-sale route. Craigslist is another outlet that can be a great resource for selling larger items like couches or dining tables or to advertise your sale. People often scour Craigslist for last-minute additions when they move and will have a van or truck at the ready for a pick up.




Whether it's a special item of clothing, jewelry or even a great book, you can use online applications to sell your things. The advantage here is that you can price things yourself. Poshmark is an app for selling and buying clothing, shoes, accessories and more (and gives you 80 percent of the profit). Depop is another popular app through which you can sell almost anything. Perhaps the granddaddy of such sites is Ebay, where you can sell everything from cars to handbags and receive 90 percent of the sale.


Just remember, you'll have to photograph the item, maintain the listing and ship the item to the buyer.




For everything else you want to say goodbye to but can't find a home, consider making a charitable donation to a favorite nonprofit organization such as the YMCA, Goodwill or a women's shelter. Most of these places make it easy to drop off items ranging from furniture to clothing. And while you won't receive cash, you may be able to claim a tax deduction.


Take a good look around your home—you'll be surprised how easy it can be to turn a spring cleaning session into some extra cash.





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