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6 Simple Ways to Live a Healthier Lifestyle Without Spending a Fortune
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6 Simple Ways to Live a Healthier Lifestyle Without Spending a Fortune

By Sabah Karimi


Taking care of your health is one of the keys to a happier — and even wealthier — life. When you make your health a priority, you can reduce your risk of costly medical bills and long-term health issues. Fortunately, you can clean up your habits and protect your health without spending a fortune on food, supplements, pricey gym memberships, and healthy lifestyle activities.


Here are six easy ways to enjoy a healthier lifestyle without breaking the bank:


#1: Head to the Health Fair

Get expert advice on adopting a healthier lifestyle or learn about ways to cut out meat from your diet, go vegan, or live gluten-free. Health fairs can be a great resource for recipes, fitness advice from personal trainers, and even free samples of foods you might otherwise never try. Most health fairs are free to attend or have a very low admission fee.



#2: Cut Back on Screen Time

Are all those hours at the computer, on the tablet, or on your smartphone affecting your health? Researchers seem to think so. In fact, neuroimaging research shows excessive amounts of screen time can actually damage the brain.


Cutting back on how much time you spend in front of the screen and on the phone could improve your ability to think clearly, make decisions, and even remember things easily. All it takes is making time for breaks on those long days at the computer and spending time in nature — no smartphone allowed — to keep your health on track.



#3: Break the Sugar Habit

Whether you're drinking soda regularly, eating bakery items regularly, or just can't say no to dessert, breaking the sugar habit could end up saving you money — and your health. Consuming less sugar can reduce your risk of health problems such as diabetes and can also ward off cavities.


Start cutting back on your sugar intake slowly and introduce more healthy foods to your diet. Even something as simple as drinking more water every day can be enough to curb your sweet tooth and slowly phase out sugar-laden soda.



#4: Take a Time Out with Yoga

Stretch, breathe, and relax after a busy work day or just get into the habit of practicing yoga regularly to improve your health. There are several different styles and levels of yoga that will help you get the release you need.


If you're just getting started, try a beginner's class at a local yoga studio or fitness center at a low cost — or even for free. Many yoga studios offer one or two complimentary classes for new students and discounts on packages of classes to help you save some money.



#5: Get Free Healthy Food Samples

Ready to kick off a new diet program or clean up your daily plate? Many health food stores, farmers markets, and even warehouse clubs give away free samples of new items or popular items to keep customers interested. This can be a great way to add healthy foods to your menu and pick up coupons or deals on diet-friendly foods.


Don't miss out on opportunities at salad bars and deli counters as well. Some grocery stores and food markets will let you try virtually anything that's available for sale before you buy, which can save you money on food waste if you end up buying something you never want to eat again.



#6: Take a Mini-Vacation

When stress levels are running high, take a half day off or plan a weekend getaway on a budget. You can find some great last-minute deals through online travel sites or turn to sites like Airbnb and to reserve a house, condo, or apartment in a nearby city or out in the country for a getaway. A change of environment can improve your health and also give you a chance to try something new. Take a fitness class in a new town or head to a walking or hiking trail for a fun workout to make the most of your trip.


Making smart choices with your health can pay off in more ways than one. Use some of these tips and strategies to live a healthier lifestyle without overextending your budget.




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